SAN DIEGO – Crews spent Monday striping the street as the City of San Diego moves forward with a bike lane project on Park Boulevard.

Business owners along Park Boulevard are not happy about it.

On Monday, a group of business owners in the area held a rally, expressing their frustration over the new designated bike lanes that are wiping out dozens of parking spaces.

“We are losing out from my business about 16 parking spaces. Many of my clients are a little bit older, so access to my business in my showroom is really important,” said Ben Evans, owner of Borrelli Design.

The project is eliminating 88 parking spaces on Park Boulevard between Adams and University avenues.

It’ll feature separated zones for bikes, loading, and vehicle traffic.

Some argue the bike lanes will cause more problems than just lost parking.

“What it’s gonna do by taking out the center median, the businesses won’t be able to get deliveries you couldn’t even get an ambulance or an emergency vehicle down this strip of the road once it’s been narrowed down to the level that they wanted to be. It seems like a waste of money, really,” said Paul Farris who works and lives in University Heights.

Marcie Stratton, the owner of Studio Stratton, says the eight parking spaces outside her design studio are now all gone.

But she’s got an idea where her customers will end up parking.

“In front of residents’ homes, several blocks away. So residents also are losing parking because our customers will be parking in front of their homes,” said Stratton.