UCSD rescinds proposed weekend parking fee after student opposition

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SAN DIEGO — UC San Diego was ready to start enforcing a $5 flat-rate fee for weekend parking beginning this fall but has rescinded the new policy after student opposition.

“It’s an additional cost that, while it might be small, it still has big impacts on a lot of students lives,” said UCSD student Jacob Faust.

The university tells FOX 5 the fees were a way to generate revenue for projects underway to provide more parking on campus. The decision to start charging on weekends came from the transportation services department, even after students overwhelmingly voiced they were against the idea at a recent town hall.

Faust started an online petition, which students signed by the thousands within days, again saying they disagreed with the new fees. After seeing students’ swift response, UCSD has decided to go back to the drawing board. There will be a new town hall some time before fall quarter begins to determine a new way to raise that money that everyone can agree on.

The university has also decided sophomores will no longer be able to have cars on campus — a restriction that previously only applied to freshman. That change begins in fall of 2020.

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