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LA JOLLA, Calif. — The campus of U.C. San Diego is better known for sand and surf than for snowflakes, but that didn’t stop a creative group of former students from combining all three elements into a clever holiday video.

The crew, led by art director Kaitlyn Ziegenhorn and videographer Bryndan Bedel, posted the video to the U.C. San Diego  Alumni Facebook page earlier this week.  The video was shot near the Scripps Pier at La Jolla Shores and starts off with sunny beach scenes and aerial shots of waves rolling by the pier. Text over the video states  “UC San Diego’s not much for winter, but what we lack in snowflakes we make up for in creativity.”

The video then shows closeups of people raking the sand with tools. Eventually, an aerial shot reveals the large design that the people have been working on.

The video ends with  this text over video: “Whether in the sand or snow,  we wish you joy and a warm holiday season.”

Those involved in the video production besides Ziegenhorn and Bedel include David Marshall, who shot the drone footage, and video editor Ian Transfiguracion. Lindsay Beacco, Diane Distefano, Jeff Grantham and Leo Kosuge pitched in with everyone else to draw the designs in the sand.