BERKELEY (KRON) – The UC Berkeley campus is under a shelter-in-place mid-Thursday morning.

An unspecified emergency occurred near campus, according to the university. People are being advised to go inside and move away from doors and windows.

In-person classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day, and all campus services such as libraries, dining and parking garages are closed.

There is police activity on the campus. According to UC Berkeley police there is not an active shooter on campus.

“Police are actively looking for a person who may want to harm specific individuals,” a police tweet stated.

Spokesperson Roqua Montez IV told KRON4 that “campus police are investigating a campus threat. People on campus are instructed to go/stay indoors until further notice.”

Officers are standing at many campus entrances telling people to go inside, but a lot of students are still roaming the campus.

There is no new information as of 12:03 p.m. Thursday, according to an advisory from the City of Berkeley Police Department, which also told people they don’t need to take actions other than avoiding the campus.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.