2 medical marijuana robberies reported in 90 minutes

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SAN DIEGO – Two medical marijuana robberies took place in San Diego within 90 minutes of each other Monday night.  The victims were robbed at gunpoint in both cases and as of Tuesday evening, the criminals were still on the loose.

The first robbery took place at 5 pm in Imperial Beach.  Sheriff’s deputies were called to an apartment complex on Caspian Way where two medical marijuana delivery men were confronted.

“They were approached by two males who robbed them at gunpoint.,” said  Sgt. Joel Stranger of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.  “They took a back pack containing the marijuana they were trying to deliver and fled the scene.”

kswb-photo-marijuana-20120419The two suspects were described as black men.  One of them was about 5’11” tall, and had a thin mustache and goatee.  The second suspect stood about 6’1” and was wearing a red t-shirt and dark colored jeans.  One of them was carrying a semi-automatic handgun.   Inside the backpack was about 8 ounces of marijuana which has a street value of about $2,400.

That same evening at 7:20pm, a medical marijuana coop in City Heights was robbed.

According to Police, when someone answered the door at the wellness Center on the 2400 block of El Cajon Boulevard, two men with guns pushed their way in.

“I’ve worked here 6 or 7 years,”  said Tran Du who works at an Automotive Shop next door.  “This is the first time I heard of someone who got robbed over there.”

There’s been a decrease in these types of crimes over the past couple of years after a countywide crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries.  But new San Diego Mayor Bob Filner plans to ease up on that.

“I want to bring to the city council, hopefully within a short time, regulations that would allow the legal establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries which would be strictly regulated,” said Filner.  “There’s going to be zoning regulations, they can’t be near schools, near churches or near playgrounds.”

If the Mayor’s proposal goes through, more marijuana dispensaries will open in San Diego, and many fear crimes like these will increase.

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