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SAN DIEGO — A local man proposed to his girlfriend Friday at Sunset Cliffs in a less than traditional fashion — with the help of a drone.

At around 3:30 p.m., Kevin Dilliard, 27, proposed to his girlfriend of seven years, Courtney Weigand, 25.

Standing on the cliffs, Dilliard handed his now-fiancé “first-person view” goggles to see what his GoPro, attached to a quadcopter, was filming 150 feet above the beach.

When she put on the goggles, the drone was hovering over, “Court will you marry me?” written in the sand.

Weigand took off the goggles and saw Dilliard on one knee, holding a ring.

The two weeks Dilliard spent planning the proposal was worth it – she said yes.

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