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(NEXSTAR) – Pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk shared a video of him riding a skateboard just two weeks after a grisly fall broke his femur.

“Exactly two weeks ago, I broke my femur in this exact spot on my ramp,” the 53-year-old wrote in a post on his social channels.

The video shows Hawk gingerly rolling across the flat bottom of the halfpipe, then smoothly carving right and left in a “tic tac” move and holding out his arms triumphantly.

The skateboarding icon also revealed part of the motivation for “greatly expediting” his “wishful timeline for walking unaided” – Hawk said he has been invited to present an award at the Oscars on Sunday.

“In other words, I don’t plan to crutch my way across the stage,” the Birdman wrote. “Hopefully you’re not watching the 4K feed so you won’t see me grimacing with each step.”

He added that he also plans to skate during a multi-day music and skateboarding event on May 12 in Las Vegas.

“I am not defying doctors’ orders by doing so, but I realize I might not be at 100% trick/power capacity by that time,” Hawk said.

Hawk, who shared a gruesome photo of his snapped femur on social media after fall, has long vowed to skateboard until he is “physically unable.”