VIDEO: Toddlers debate whether it’s raining or sprinkling

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A cell phone video posted to YouTube captures a group of toddlers passionately debating whether it’s raining or sprinkling.

The video, which was uploaded to the video sharing website on Wednesday, shows a discussion between a little boy and a little girl that quickly escalates.

“My mom told me it’s sprinkling,” the boy shouts.

“My mom says it’s raining,” the girl retorts.

The two restate their positions repeatedly over the next 90 seconds, getting more vehement with each repetition. A second girl tries to stop the argument by suggesting that they go outside to see for themselves if it’s raining or sprinkling, but the other two aren’t interest.

Finally, the little girl pokes the boy in the chest and says, “That’s raining!”

“You poked my heart!,” the little boy says. “She poked my heart!”


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