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LOS ANGELES – A TV show host took a three-legged rescue dog to the pet store and bought him everything he touched.

Rocky Kanaka, host of the show Dog’s Day Out, took King, a homeless senior dog to the pet store earlier this month, according to his YouTube video.

King was abandoned after being hit by a car.  His leg was broken and ultimately had to be amputated, Kanaka shared.

However, King had reportedly been rehabilitated and was “doing great,” but he still hadn’t been adopted.

So, Kanaka, who was inspired after seeing a video titled Buying My Dog EVERYTHING He Touches, took King into PetCo and allowed him to wander about.  Any item that King touched was put in the shopping cart.

At first King was a little confused, but eventually became really attached to a toy dinosaur he picked out.

King picked out food, treats, bones, toys and more. King even picked out a cat tree and a dog Nerf gun launcher, however, he was uninterested in certain items, specifically dental bone treats.

King’s purchases came to $492.

Kanaka said he hoped his video will ultimately help King find his forever home.

On February 7, Kanaka released another video with King, sharing that he had been adopted.  Kanaka took King on one more shopping spree, making sure he got everything he needed before meeting his new mom.