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SAN DIEGO – A high-end SUV was spotted driving on a San Diego highway with “LA CHGRS” plates and it had many bitter San Diegans saying it’s “too soon.”

A Range Rover was spotted in San Diego with a license plate “LA CHGRS” which was assumed to be promoting the Los Angeles Chargers. A picture of the vehicle was taken while heading south on Interstate 15 near Aero Drive – which is near the Chargers practice facility in San Diego.

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FOX 5 posted a picture of the license plate on social media with a caption “Too soon!”

Here are some comments:

“Considering it takes 3-4 months for personalized plates to come in, the decision must have been made to leave months ago,” Carissa wrote on Facebook.

Chargers need to move their offices now, they betrayed us now it’s time for them to go,” Mike posted.

“CHP has to find that car … And crush it… Immediately,” Emmanuel joked.

Haylee wrote what most San Diegans were thinking “must be the Spanos.”

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FOX 5 reached out to the Department of Motor Vehicles to inquire about the owner of the license plate.  DMV officials confirmed it was a valid California plate listed as “confidential” in their system. Undercover law enforcement officers and celebrities are among people with confidential plates.

DMV officials added that drivers receive personalized plates within eight to 12 weeks of placing an order.

“I ordered personalized plates in December and still haven’t gotten them. How did this guy pull that off?” San Diego resident Nick Foraker posted on Facebook.