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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Thousands who attended the Sol Beach Festival on South Padre Island Saturday are demanding ticket refunds for what they call a “disorganized” event that failed to deliver promised performances.  

The music festival was meant to feature Puerto Rican rapper, Myke Towers, and other artists. While the performers were at the event, they weren’t able to perform due to power outages caused by inadequate generators.  

The event also promised VIP sections and tables, several bars, and food trucks. KVEO spoke to several attendees who said the event was “disorganized,” a “horrible experience,” and a “waste of time and money.”  They say they had to wait hours in line to enter, only to find the festival was not as advertised.

Videos sent to KVEO show a disgruntled crowd standing in the dark, and in some cases throwing drinks and knocking down a railing.  

Attendees said that while the power was out, the only communication they received was from a DJ promising that power would be restored. However, after over two hours of waiting, guests said they were told to leave without explanation.  

Many who paid extra for VIP tickets waited longer in line than those who bought general admission tickets, they said. 

“We waited in line for three hours,” said Lyseth Mayorga Serna, who drove from Houston to San Padre Island for the event. “At first there was some artists singing but seems like the lights and music went out. After that nobody came out again. We finally got in around 11:30 and once we were in everyone was everywhere, no areas were assigned, nobody performed nothing at all, we waited until cops showed up and told everyone to leave,”

Cameron County Parks Director Joe Vega said AARM Business Group run by father and son, George and Jorge Garcia, were the organizers who approached the county about hosting a show along the beach. He said this was the first show of its kind held at the park.  

“We entered into an agreement with them to have this event and we thought it was going to be a great event. They did have a wonderful setup, but unfortunately, it ended up not happening,” said Vega.  

GG Promotions, which is also affiliated with the Garcias, is taking much of the heat for the concert’s failures.

A separate show promoter, Ram de la Cruz, said the issues were mainly due to a lack of staff at the entrances and generators that could not provide enough power. Though he and his staff were only hired to do marketing and ticket sales, he said some of his people, including artists who were scheduled to perform, had to help with the setup right before the concert was supposed to start.  

“It was just a big mess,” said de la Cruz. “I just know the artists were there; every one that needed to be there was there, they just didn’t have the staff needed to set up or the equipment… It was just poorly organized by these guys.” 

Cruz said many have approached him about refunds, but he said Garcia is responsible for the show and for the refunds, and he has not heard from Garcia since Saturday morning.  

KVEO reached out to Jorge Garcia for a comment. Garcia replied and said that he and his team will “issue a public announcement soon regarding the event.”