Many Californians are looking for the perfect costume for Halloween.

People can spend hours looking for the most creative costume to wear at a party or during trick-or-treating. Even so, one or a few costumes dominate the Halloween scene each year.

All Home Connections, an authorized retailer for AT&T, discovered which costume was the most searched in each state.

For California, that was Buzz Lightyear.

According to the website, All Home Connections came to this conclusion after analyzing Google Trends data and referencing multiple articles, such as reports from Reader’s Digest and Rent.

Buzz Lightyear was also the most searched Halloween costume in Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Costumes inspired by the Disney film  “Encanto” were the most searched in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas and New Mexico.

The study found that classic Halloween costumes, like a witch or a cat, dominated Google searches in other states.

The complete study can be viewed here.

All Home Connections has been releasing the most popular Halloween costume studies for the past five years.