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ROGERS, Texas – A Texas woman is facing manslaughter charges after prosecutors say she was so intoxicated when she delivered her baby that the infant’s BAC was .234, according to WFAA.

Rianna Marie Cameron, 29, has two other children, both under 3 years old.

On Dec. 30, 2018, first responders were dispatched to a home in response to a report of an infant not breathing. According to WFAA, when they arrived they found two small children alone on the first floor and Cameron and her boyfriend on the second floor. With the adults was a blueish infant — umbilical cord still connected — who did not appear to be breathing.

Despite first responders’ attempt at CPR and emergency transport, the newborn did not survive. According to WFAA, an autopsy showed the little girl died of acute ethanol intoxication and unsupported delivery. She had a BAC of .234.

Police said Cameron told them she had been “on a bender,” consuming a liter of whiskey while 34 weeks pregnant with the child. At the hospital, Cameron’s BAC was .21.

Prosecutors said Cameron knew the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant; she reportedly has a lengthy history of chemical and alcohol dependency and child protection issues.

WFAA reported law enforcement spoke to Cameron about drinking while pregnant just 15 days before the baby died. Now, they are worried about Cameron’s two surviving children.