Teen shamed for wearing ‘racist’ prom dress, sparking cultural appropriation debate

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UTAH — A senior at a high school in Utah is being called a “closet racist” for wearing a Chinese cheongsam dress to prom after she tweeted photos from her big night.

Keziah Daum, 18, posted the photos on April 22 with the caption: “PROM,” FOX 8 reported.

Since, it’s been retweeted over 5,900 times and has elicited many angry comments.


But many are also coming to Daum’s defense.

Daum told Insider she saw the dress in a thrift store several weeks before prom and knew she wanted to wear it.

“I bought the dress because I thought it was beautiful and admired the beauty of the culture,” she told Insider. 

She’s refusing to apologize and addresses that in several tweets.


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