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MANSFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – State police in Connecticut are investigating after a premature newborn baby was left on the hood of a car.

On March 23 around 4:15 p.m., a woman called 911 reporting a man left a baby on the hood of her parked car in Mansfield.

According to investigators, the woman found a 2-pound baby boy wrapped in a towel on the hood of her car.

“As she approached the male and tried to ask him questions, you know what are you doing and she didn’t know what was happening, he fled the area in a dark-colored SUV,” said Connecticut State Police Sergeant Dawn Pagan. “They were able to call 911, wrap up that infant, get the infant warm and the infant was transported to an area hospital.”

State police said staff at the hospital determined him to be a 28- to 30-week-old premature newborn. The boy is listed in stable condition, according to state police.

People along Pleasant Valley Road were surprised to see police and an ambulance.

“I can’t imagine seeing a child that young and that small and that helpless, just abandoned,” said Jennifer Nelson. “What would I do if I came out and saw a baby on the hood of the car?”

They are also keeping their eyes open for that dark-colored SUV.

Connecticut has a SAFE Havens Act for Newborns.

“A parent can bring a newborn, if they don’t want the baby, of course, 30 days and under to any emergency department in the state,” said Dr. John Brancato with Connecticut Children’s. “There’s no risk of prosecution. We don’t require names, of course. This is meant to allow an anonymous process.”

There will be no questions asked, but there is one caveat — the baby has to be healthy and uninjured.

“If it appears that the baby has been abused, that’s a different story and then prosecution is absolutely in the cards,” Brancato said.

Investigators said the man who left the baby was described as Hispanic, heavy-set, with short black hair, wearing a black long-sleeved T-shirt and black jogger-style pants.