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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma family said they were sleeping when a man – who claimed he was running from police – snuck into their living room in the middle of the night.

Donald Webb told them he had led officers on a chase before they found him hiding in a ditch near NE 122nd and Sooner Road, according to police.

Before Webb was arrested, a homeowner called 911, saying Webb broke into his home while his three kids and wife were upstairs.

The father of three heard footsteps downstairs, and when he flipped on the lights he allegedly saw Donald Webb inside the home, standing frozen in the living room.

Investigators said that they were never involved in a high speed chase with Webb, and that it could have been an excuse when he was busted by the homeowner.

Officers were looking for him on the ground and by helicopter.

Webb has been in out and of prison on multiple past burglary convictions.

On Tuesday, the homeowner described Webb as a tall man wearing jeans and a western style belt.

A police report says Webb gave the man a handshake and assured him nothing was taken before hurrying out the door.

This wasn’t the only polite gesture.

Police say Webb also made sure to close the window he came in through.

The homeowner told KFOR that since it was a nice weekend he had some of the windows unlocked.

Webb didn’t get very far. Oklahoma City police brought in a K9 unit and found Webb crouched down in a ditch covered in scratches and sweat.

Webb was taken to Oklahoma County Jail on a first-degree burglary complaint. His bond is set at $100,000.