Pet owner’s 2 dogs killed while protecting him from armed intruder

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Last Wednesday, Thomas Brookshire heard a knock at his door. He opened the door to a man wearing a mask, hoodie and skull cap.

“Pulled a gun in my face and said, ‘give me everything you’ve got.’ And I’m thinking, you know I ain’t got nothing,” Brookshire said.

The dogs, Sir and Precious, came right out and after the man, Brookshire said. They were both big and intimidating to a stranger and the intruder started shooting at the dogs, and killed them, according to the pet owner.

The masked man then fleeing Brookshire’s home.

“They were just dead,” Brookshire said. “Sir was laying here. Precious had went and laid over there by the chair.”

Brookshire told RTV6 his dogs gave their lives to protect him from the armed intruder.

“All he took is my heart, my soul, he didn’t take my life though,” Brookshire said.



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