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HOUSTON (KIAH/NEXSTAR) — This seems like a really good way to make any dog “man’s best friend.”

Oscar Mayer announced via social media that it’s going to be giving away shoelaces that smell like bacon to mark the re-release of Nike’s Air Max 90 Bacon shoes. The shoelaces even look like strips of bacon.

“To celebrate the re-release of the Air Max Bacons, we’re dropping bacon scented laces that’ll make your kicks sizzle,” Oscar Mayer tweeted.

The Air Max 90 Bacon shoe reprises a pair released in 2004, Nike said.

“Few among us can resist a craving for bacon—and now, the tasty breakfast staple serves as inspiration for an equally appetizing take on the iconic Air Max 90,” Nike said, describing the shoe’s design as having “a range of shades reflecting the dish in various stages of preparation.”

Oscar Mayer says 1,500 people will randomly win laces. For a chance to snag a pair, enter by tweeting the hashtags #OscarCookMyKicks and #Sweepstakes by the end of the day Thursday.