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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma elementary graduation upset a neighbor who claimed the celebration was too loud and the noise needed to stop.

The last day of class at Santa Fe South Spero Elementary School in south Oklahoma City looked different this May. The school’s administration organized a drive-by summer send-off party for nearly 500 students.

Parents and teachers decorated posters and cars, but not everyone was on board.

“It was just constant air horns and honking,” said a man identified only as Albert.

Albert, who has lived directly across the street from the school for about a year, took a marker and cardboard and made his own sign.

“It said shut the [expletive] up,” said Albert, who placed the sign in his front yard where everyone could see.

“I just want them to shut up, just shut up!” Albert said.

Superintendent of Santa Fe South Schools, Chris Brewster, was called immediately.

“We don’t want that used around the little ones,” Brewster said.

But Albert said he’s not apologizing.

“It’s not the first they have seen or heard it,” Albert said, referring to his language. “Their parents use it.”

“Today, maybe we woke him up, and I just hope he gets some rest,” Brewster said. “It was a good day and it didn’t spoil the fun they had!”

The school said the celebration lasted about 45 minutes.