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SAN ANTONIO (KVEO) — Texas Game Wardens discovered nearly 400 shark fins at a restaurant in San Antonio.

Bexar County wardens, with the help of a K-9 inspection team, made the discovery at a seafood restaurant, where 381 “whole shark fins” were found along with an additional 29.2 pounds of frozen shark fins in a commercial freezer, according to a social media post by Texas Game Wardens.

According to the Smithsonian, shark finning is the process of removing a shark’s fin and discarding the rest of the animal, often by throwing it back into the ocean still alive. Sharks that are thrown back often suffocate or die from blood loss.

Shark fins, which are typically only about 1% to 5% of the shark’s weight, are more valuable than the whole shark because of their high monetary and cultural value, the Smithsonian said.

One popular dish that uses the fins is shark fin soup, which, according to the Smithsonian, is a status symbol in Chinese culture.

In 2015, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law banning the trade, sale, purchase and transportation of shark fins in Texas. The law was introduced by Rep/ Eddie Lucio III.

The law ensured that Texas would not be part of the global fin trade that is believed to be responsible for the decrease of sharks around the world.

According to the post, authorities seized the shark fins as evidence, and a case is pending against the restaurant owners.