Mother face-plants in front of couple’s proposal

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – For most people, their engagement is a moment they’ll never forget. It especially rings true for this couple whose proposal is being shared worldwide.

Breanne Clark and Bill Devaney met through a mutual friend in 2008, and they’ve been dating for over seven years.

Earlier this year, Bill decided he was going to pop the big question to Breanne while they were visiting family in South Bend. Everyone in Breanne’s family knew it was going to happen except her and her mom, Eva Clark.

During the trip, the family traveled to the rock pier in New Buffalo, Michigan – which just so happens to be the location of Breanne and Bill’s first date.

While they were there, Breanne’s sister said she wanted to take some pictures.

The plan was for Bill to propose to Breanne during a group photo.

Eva was getting ready to get in the group photo when she tripped on a rock and face-planted in the sand!

Breanne says she was concerned about her mom for a few seconds before realizing she wasn’t injured and was laughing hysterically. In fact, Eva couldn’t get up because she was laughing so hard.

At that point, Bill already had the ring out, so he decided to move forward and propose to Breanne.

In the video, you can hear Breanne’s family members yelling at Eva to get up so she wouldn’t miss the moment!

“My family is a fun and wild bunch, and although this engagement was a mess, it is 100% us and I wouldn’t change it for anything,” said Breanne.

Breanne and Bill plan to get married on June 11, 2016 in Bloomington.

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