Married couple of 52 years, separated by coronavirus, reunite after almost 2 months apart


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) β€” A California couple married for 52 years have reunited after COVID-19 separated them for almost two months.

After 55 days apart, Joyce and Al Vaughn met in person on Wednesday, a welcome reunion after weeks of FaceTime calls. Although they weren’t allowed to touch or hug, it still was an emotional reunion. Both Joyce and Al were diagnosed with COVID-19, and while Joyce bounced back from hospitalization quickly, Al was put on a ventilator for weeks inside the ICU.

β€œThe list of things that was wrong with him,” Joyce said. β€œHe had pneumonia, he has sepsis, he had pancreatitis, his kidneys have failed, his liver is recovering but in bad shape, he had c-diff, any one of those things can take you.”

However, Al has made a slow and steady recovery and has been removed from the ICU. Although the virus nearly took his life, Al said the universe had other plans for him. 

β€œI’ve got a lot of people praying for me,” Al said. β€œI know that prayers have been answered on both ends.”

The reunion comes just days after the couple were able to FaceTime for the first time since their hospitalization:

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