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TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – A Texarkana man says he is in need of a job amid the coronavirus pandemic, and he has come up with a unique way to draw attention to his work experience and history.

Justin Chester was not asking for money as he talked to passersby on Richmond Rd. Thursday. He handed out his resumes while holding a sign asking for a job paying at least $15 per hour.

“I’m pretty desperate,” said Chester. “I need a job. I shoot out resumes during the night, during the early morning hours. And I’m not getting any responses.”

According to Chester, his work experience is in Information Technology as a contractor. Even though he does not have a job, Chester says he does qualify for unemployment benefits. Now, he is hoping to catch the eye of an employer.

“Because I’m holding a sign they think I’m panhandling and I’m not. I’m not asking for money. I’ve actually turned everybody down that wants to offer me money. Because I just want a job. I don’t want your money. I want to work for my money,” said Chester.

Chester says he has been holding his sign and handing out resumes all week. So far, he has landed a few interviews and he is hoping to turn one of them into something official.