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(NEXSTAR) – If ever there was a new homeowner in need of a comforting housewarming gift.

A home built on the site of John Wayne Gacy’s former Chicago residence is finally off the market after going up for sale in 2019, according to online listing information.

The 2,500-square-foot house that currently sits on the lot, located in Norwood Park Township, was built in the late 1980s. The actual home where Gacy had lived — and where he murdered and hid dozens of his victims — had been torn down on the same parcel of land in 1979, according to a timeline of events compiled by the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Cook County Assessor’s Office had valued the house at just under $424,000 in 2020. The property eventually sold for $395,000 in mid-April of 2021, after most recently hitting the market in August 2019, Crain’s Chicago Business and TMZ are reporting.

Official records with the Cook County Clerk’s Office have yet to be updated to reflect the sale, according to Crain’s.

Gacy, also known as the “Killer Clown,” was arrested in December 1978 and later convicted of killing 33 young men. Twenty-six of the victims were buried in the crawlspace of Gacy’s home in Norwood Park Township, and another three bodies were buried on his property. Gacy confessed dumping his other victims in rivers near Chicago.

Gacy was sentenced to death in 1980 and executed in 1994.

The new owner of the home on Gacy’s former property, meanwhile, had only become aware of its chilling history recently, according to the owner’s brother, Crain’s Chicago Business reported.