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SAN DIEGO – A man fishing on Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach had a rare catch – a drone flying overhead – and it was caught on video.

Video from a camera mounted to the drone zoomed in on several people standing on the pier on Thursday.  Fisherman Randy Burns in particular appeared annoyed that the drone was flying overhead.  He was seen casting his line toward the drone and nabbed it.

“Thought I’d try something new, some flying fish… People were kind of getting aggravated, because the thing was there way too long and filming all of the people on the pier,” Burns said.

The drone attempted to move out of the way, but was hooked.

“I just stood up and casted my line… I started pulling my drag real good and all of a sudden it broke my lines,” Burns said. “The drone won. And that’s all I can say.”

The pilot, 19-year-old Tice Ledbetter, apparently was able to land the drone without damaging it.  He unraveled the line and posted the video to YouTube.

Ledbetter tells FOX 5 in a Facebook message that he disagreed with Randy Burn’s account of the story.

I’m sorry but I was in the air only 28 seconds and he started the process of attacking my drone within seconds of me being there. People are usually happy to see me flying and frequently wave to say hi. People often approach me while I’m flying (my drone) to ask me questions and check out the screen to see the view from above. I’ve never had a complaint.” said Ledbetter. “I would like to point out that at no point in time was I actually flying over people until Randy hooked my drone and forced me into the direction of the pier. I’m reviewing the footage and most of the people on the pier waved at me.”  

Fisherman Burns said he understands we are all constantly on surveillance everywhere we go but hopes more drone operators will understand and respect people’s privacy, even if it is just enjoying a lazy afternoon fishing.

“I was just trying to make a point. The guy left real quick,” said Burns.

Ledbetter wants people to see the entire video: