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DENVER — Passengers were seen running on an airport tarmac in Denver after their United Express plane caught fire Sunday.

SkyWest flight 5869 was arriving to Denver International Airport from Aspen Sunday afternoon with 65 people on board, including crew members, airport officials to FOX 31. Fire was seen coming from an engine.

Passengers posted photos of the scary scene on Twitter.

All of the passengers were evacuated with no injuries, KDVR reported. Passengers said the response from Denver Fire Department was “immediate.”

“Everyone is safe though shook. All of our stuff is on the plane. Waiting for diaper bag, stroller, ID, all my personal items,” Rabia Chaudry said on Twitter.
“All runways are now open as investigation into SkyWest fire continues. Other airport operations remain unaffected,”  airport officials said at 3:25 p.m.