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HAWLEY, Pa. — A Pennsylvania couple is happy to have a priceless piece of jewelry back in their hands after it fell in a Pennsylvania lake, according to WNEP.

For the last 64 years and 56 days the wedding band has called Grace Paulnack’s ring finger home. “Even when I got operated on, they had to tape it. I wouldn’t take it off,” Grace Paulnack told WNEP.

The unthinkable happened on Tuesday while Grace was walking on her dock at Lake Wallenpaupack.

“You know how you try to balance yourself on a dock? Well, flip! She’s waving her hands around and the ring flings off, the ring that nobody could get off. And my two nieces were like, ‘Oh my god Aunt Grace, the ring just fell into the lake,'” Carl Paulnack said.

The ring itself was only worth $10 back when Carl bought it — but to him it’s worth a million bucks. “I thought it was an omen. This is the end of our life. I am not superstitious, but I thought, this is an omen. This is a harboring of things to come. Now she says, ‘Don’t worry about it — we will get another ring.’ Nope; I want that ring,” Carl said.

Carl called members of the Ledgedale Dive and Rescue Team to see if anyone could help. Sure enough, help came. “It seemed like he was down there for forever. I guess it wasn’t, but still. Then he said is it two rings, because yes — the ring came apart. It’s a nestle of rings. So when he came up and said, ‘I think I found it’…it was like a miracle for me,” Carl said.

Carl, who was very determined to get the pieces back, colored a piece of metal and dropped it where he believed the rings might have fallen.

“I hugged him — even though he was soaking wet and had all that stuff on. I wanted to hug him but I was afraid I might push him in the water,” Grace said.

“Once I got the call, I knew we had to go out,” Dive Lieutenant Rich Slidgerski said. “Usually we see people on their worst days. This was something fantastic.”