CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passes out on live TV

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Terrifying video shows the moment CNN anchor Poppy Harlow lost consciousness while speaking on a newscast Monday morning.

Harlow was speaking about a poll showing how satisfied Americans are with progress in “the war on terrorism.”

She said it was “quite a … quite a … turnaround…” when her words became slurred and trailed off into silence. For several seconds, audiences only heard the chilling noise of Harlow breathing.

Moments later, Harlow returned to her seat on air to announce that she had fainted but was feeling much better.

“For all of you on Twitter asking if I’m okay, thank you so much,” Harlow said. “I got a little hot, I passed out for a moment, but I am fine.”

In 2011, Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson had a similarly terrifying experience during a live shot.

While she started off speaking coherently, she became visibly distressed as her words became increasingly garbled.

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