Chance the Rapper plays key role in attempting to bring back spicy chicken nuggets to Wendy’s menu

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CHICAGO — Chance the Rapper is leading the force in getting spicy chicken nuggets added back to the Wendy’s menu.

The fast food chain got rid of its spicy chicken nuggets in 2017, but the popular menu item remained available in select U.S. cities throughout Texas and the Midwest.

Wendy’s even wrote a break-up letter to spicy chicken nugget lovers citing “not everyone in every city loved our Spicy Nuggets as much as you,” and suggesting fans try an alternative, like a plain spicy fillet.

Although the nuggets remained on the menu in the rapper’s hometown of Chicago, he’s looking to do a good deed for all fans who had to say goodbye to their beloved nuggets two years ago.

After Chance the Rapper, born Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, mentioned in a social media post Saturday he yearned to see the spicy nuggets back on menu, Wendy’s responded by saying they will bring back the spicy chicken nuggets if they get 2 million likes.

The rapper is no stranger for making a difference. The 26-year-old is also known for his charitable causes

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