Autistic senior who is usually non-verbal delivers inspirational graduation speech

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PLANO, Texas – A high school senior with autism delivered an unexpected commencement speech and the audience was captivated.

Sef Scott, who is usually non-verbal, stood before his graduating classes Friday night and delivered a 6-minute inspirational speech, WFAA reported.

Some of the most memorable moments from the Plano High School grad’s speech were as follows:

  • “Remember if you are following in someone’s footsteps, you’ll only go where they want to go.”
  • “Do the unexpected for the benefit of others. Live the unexpected for your own happiness.”
  • “All of us have plenty about us that makes us all unique.”
  • “Say ‘thank you.’”
  • “The unexpected from you can be a blessing to those around you.” Adding that you never know what people are going through. Show each other some grace and live a little bit selflessly.

Hear more from Scott by watching the video above.

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