SAN DIEGO – Applebee’s has partnered with Winky Lux, a New York-based makeup company, to create a new sweet and spicy lip gloss line inspired by chicken wing sauce flavors in restaurants across the U.S.

Saucy Gloss, a collaboration that no one saw coming, includes four different “flavors” including Get Me Hot Buffalo, Sweet Chile Kiss, Be My Honey Pepper, and Honey BBQ-T, giving every chicken-wing lover out there an option ranging from tangy to savory.

“Applebee’s is known for first dates and wings – which are one of our most popular menu items,” Applebee’s Chief Marketing Officer Joel Yashinsky said in a news release. “So, we partnered with the development team at Winky Lux to create these lip glosses inspired by four of our most popular wing sauces. Find your perfect shade and spice up your date night by adding a little bit of that Applebee’s flavor to make each kiss even more craveable with Saucy Gloss.”

Along with the announcement of the lip gloss line, Applebees released a two-and-a-half-minute video on YouTube, showing off the colors and flavors in a “Lady Marmalade”-inspired music video urging the public to “taste my face.”

While the partnership between the two companies may seem unusual to some, for Applebee’s and Winky Lux, the idea seemed like a perfect marriage for anyone looking to spice up their lip game.

“We are so excited to partner with Applebee’s in such an unexpected way,” Natalie Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Winky Lux, said in the release. “What could be more genuine and fun than spicing up a kiss with our delicious Saucy Gloss! We love adding a playful touch to everyday beauty. After all, Winky Lux is all about surprise, creating memorable experiences and sparking joy for our customers. This collaboration captures the cutting-edge product innovation and playful spirit of our brand.”

One tube will set you back $18, or you can opt to purchase the whole line for $65. To purchase a lip gloss or learn more about the collection, click here.