1 person hurt when cruise ships collide in Mexico

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COZUMEL, Mexico — Two cruise ships collided in Cozumel, Mexico Friday, leaving one person with minor injuries.

The crash, shown in video shared with FOX 5, happened just before 9 a.m. local time.

The Carnival Glory can be seen slowly scraping across the rear of another ship, the Carnival Legend, in the video from Twitter user Matthew Bruin. The collision produced a loud crash, and shattered glass can be seen falling into the sea.

Warning, strong language:

The cruise line told WFLA the Glory was making its way over to a dock when the collision took place. One person suffered a minor injury as guests were evacuated from a dining room, officials said.

It does not appear the either cruise liner’s itinerary will be affected by the crash, as Carnival says they’ve told guests to enjoy their day ashore.

“The crash wasn’t too bad,” Carnival Legend passenger Mary Anne McKinley told CNN. “Just felt like a big wave crashing into the ship.”

Carnival Glory passenger Maddison Haynes described the crash similarly.

“Last night we experienced some major motion on the boat so this morning we assumed something similar was happening,” Haynes told CNN. “We felt a jolt and didn’t really think anything of it.”

McKinley says an on-board announcement after the crash said the currents caused the crash. Carnival Glory passenger Maddison Haynes told CNN an on-board announcement said high winds were a factor.

Carnival did not comment further on what led up to the crash.

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