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photo-10HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Training on vacation or a weekend get-a-way can be one of the best ways to log your miles. This particular weekend I had a wedding, wine tasting, and good bye brunch for the bride and groom. Translate that: cocktails, wine, and unlimited bloody marys. For those who can handle all of that and still get their training in, good for you! I personally need to run a cleaner engine to see my hard work pay off, so instead of a daytime wine tour, I decided to tour the countryside in Healdsburg, CA on my own two feet.


Concierges at the Hotel Healdsburg were amazing! They printed out a 12 mile bike route that visitors take around the vineyards, and suggested it for a low traffic running route too! perfect! My favorite running partner, my fiancé, and I laced up and were out the door. We were joined by another wedding guest who was jonesing to break a sweat before the wedding festivities, and he made for great company. We ran through some of the most beautiful countryside. It was sunny, hot, dry and a perfect day to get some of our training miles in uncharted territory. We did get a few funny glances from wine tasters, realizing we were clearly on our own tour that only included water stops. We could have tried to stop for a tasting, but I think that would have made for a very interesting run back to the hotel.


All in all, we logged anywhere between 7 to 8 minute miles for 12 full miles. Including our warmup (9 minute miles) we ended having an average pace of 8:20. Not too bad for not knowing where we were going!


Don’t hesitate to find a new route, and maybe even get lost in a new place. It’s fun to change up your training, but make sure you bring a phone or GPS to help you along the way.