Top 5 neighborhoods to trick or treat in San Diego revealed

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Halloween, guess which FOX 5 anchor?
FOX 5’s Andrew Luria and his sister pose for a picture on Halloween back in the day.

SAN DIEGO – Bring on the haunted houses, creepy costumes and goodies. The top five trick-or-treating neighborhoods in San Diego County were revealed Wednesday, according to an online real estate company.

Zillow researches said the best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in San Diego County are as follows:

  1. Del Mar Heights
  2. Carmel Valley
  3. Loma Portal
  4. Carmel Mountain
  5. Mission Hills

Four variables were used to determine the rankings through Zillow Home Value Index. They evaluated the value of homes in single family residences, local crime data, how close each house is to its neighbor and the age of the residents who live there.

Did Zillow get it right?  Take a poll:

San Diego was ranked No. 8 in the best cities to trick or treat in the U.S. by Zillow, whose trick-or-treat index.

  1. San Francisco
  2. San Jose
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Milwaukee
  5. Phoenix
  6. Chicago
  7. Boston
  8. San Diego
  9. Denver
  10. Sacramento
  11. Charlotte
  12. Las Vegas
  13. Philadelphia
  14. Columbus
  15. Albuquerque
  16. Portland
  17. Dallas
  18. Seattle
  19. Nashville
  20. Jacksonville

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