Tire smashes through homeowner’s fence

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. – A tire flew off a car late Sunday night, smashing through the fence of a home in Imperial Beach.

A tire barreling towards you at over 40 miles per hour isn’t something you’d expect to see. Darell Salondaguit didn’t see it either, until after it slammed into the his fence while he was sleeping.

“Very lucky,” Salondaguit said of not having injuries. “There were two trees, a fence and a rose bush protecting me.”

Home surveillance video shows the tire bouncing down the street, presumably off someone’s vehicle, before smashing through the fence in the front yard.

Just five minutes later, two people appear on camera, stepping over the debris and picking up the tire before walking off.

Sheriff’s deputies confirmed with FOX 5 Tuesday that the two people could be facing hit-and-run charges for leaving the scene of an accident.

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