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SAN DIEGO – Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine attended a private fundraiser in San Diego Saturday.

The appearance was Kaine’s first in San Diego as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. FOX 5 was there as a motorcade with the U.S. senator from Virginia inside made its way up Gage Lane in Point Loma.

Guests were asked to contribute $1,000 to the campaign and $10,000 to co-host. The event was dubbed “A Conversation with Tim Kaine,” and according to a guest, that’s just what it was.

“His interest in civil rights as a young man, then his interest in promoting pro-grown business. Then his interest in foreign affairs, particularly the importance of building strong alliances oversees for the United States,” said Richard Feinberg, a University of California, San Diego professor who attended the event. “I think what impressed me most is how personable he comes across, but how intelligent and persuasive.”

“It’s crazy exciting. I wish I was invited,” said Siggy Tsadok, who lives just down the street from the event.

Those who were able to attend said Senator Kaine talked about a number of points.

“He wants to listen and hear good ideas,” said San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts, who attended the fundraiser. “We are a military town and he comes from Virginia, which is a great military town. He understands the issues that are facing our military.”

Before Senator Kaine pulled off in his motorcade, he gave a brief wave from the back seat.