Thousands of San Diegans march to demand Trump release tax returns

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SAN DIEGO – Thousands of people marched Saturday near the San Diego County Administration Center to demand President Trump release his personal tax returns.

It’s something every president and presidential nominee has done for the past 40 years.

Marchers said the president is a “greedy politician” who refuses to be transparent about his financial dealings.

“His business is America’s business, and we need to know the types of conflicts he may have,” said protester Jonni Wood. “He’s already showing us he’s violating conflicts of interest and that’s not OK with us.”

Wendy Batterson of Indivisible was one of the thousands who showed up to rally on Tax Day.

“We want to know the Russian connection and we want to see his taxes,” Batterson said.

She says she wants transparency from out nation’s leader and is against any conflict of interest within our government.

But there was one marcher who felt the president’s taxes were not the most important issue.

“There are far more important issues that are happening right now. They just don’t get it. These people don’t have a solution for the massive legal and illegal immigration that’s affecting this country,” said protester Cyrus Hojjaty.

“This is what democracy looks like. You’ve heard it from everybody out here today,” Wood said.

Trump says Americans don’t care about his tax returns, but a petition demanding the release of his returns has more than one million signatures.

Lawmakers, including some Republicans, have called on him to make them public.

The White House has not said whether there are any plans to do that anytime soon.

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