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SAN DIEGO – An Ocean Beach family is shoring up their home security after thieves broke into their property while it was being fumigated for termites.

The homeowner, Angie, says the burglary happened Sunday night while the family was away for the weekend.

“Things were moved, our beds were turned up a little bit, guitars were moved, they tried to get into our safe,” Angie said.

She told police the thieves stacked trash cans together to sneak in through a bedroom window 7 feet off the ground.

“They actually hit a window that wasn’t alarmed, which was kind of odd, so it’s just check out the company, get references and get a security guard. I think is the only thing you can do,” Angie said.

Purses, credit cards and Christmas gifts for her children were stolen. Cash was also taken from her teenage son’s room.

“Our boys are a bit older. They’re in high school, middle school but they were really upset. And it’s just unnerving to have someone in your home rifling through your things and you don’t feel very safe.”

Authorities were able to pull fingerprints from he scene and are working on a lead after the homeowner’s credit card was used at a nearby 7-Eleven shortly afterward.