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POWAY, Calif. — Supporters lined the street outside of the Chabad of Poway on Sunday,  just over a week after the synagogue shooting that killed one and injured three others.

A group called “Moms of Poway” organized the gathering to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community. “As a group, we kind of all are in shock, and really want to be able to support and wrap our arms around the whole community,” organizer Michele Mccague told FOX 5.

Supporters held signs that promoted peace, unity and love.

“By lining up the street standing shoulder to shoulder, we’re showing that we’re standing in unity and standing up for love,” organizer Melissa Lazaro told FOX 5.

The group organized a similar gathering on Friday, greeting members of the Jewish community as they walked into the synagogue to attend the service.

“We have to realize that there’s something unique about our faith, but at the same time we realize we’re just like everyone else,” said Terry Hannify, a deacon at a nearby church. “I love seeing them as my neighbors and I just want them to know that we love them and support them.”

Craig and Sherry Kirkpatrick, owners of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, handed out free t-shirts with the hashtag #PowayStandsStrong.

“We’re all people of a lot of different faiths, colors, beliefs, but at the end we’re still all humans and we all stand for one thing — that should be love and caring about each other,” Sherry told FOX 5.

“I think the Jewish community, at this point, now realizes that they’re not alone,” Hannify said.