The Making of a Monster (Billboard)

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billboard pix 2 Here I am B.A.   

I know what you’re thinking, but really people, this is a family website.  I’m referring to Before Airbrushing.  It’s also before I really understood the size and scope of this promotional campaign Fox 5 was about to roll out in May.  One in which I’m the central and only figure.

I’ve taken a lot of ribbing from co-workers (Ross Shimabuku) about these billboards, my husband’s staff has gotten in on the act of taking funny photos with my likeness, parents at my kids’ schools keep remarking “you’re everywhere.” Even Twitter followers are quick to point out where my face is popping up in their lives.  Comments are coming in as fast as my white hairs now.  (Being the overachiever I am, I skipped the gray phase altogether).

I haven’t come up with a good retort yet.  Those who know me know full well, that’s my thing, my talent, my holy grail:  the Art of the Comeback.    So far, all I’ve summoned is “sorry,” “I’ve got my eyes on you Focker” – Meet the Parents reference, and “Thank God for airbrushing right?”  Truthfully, I’ve never felt so awkward.

First of all, I’m honored the station has the kind of faith in me that they do, it’s both rare and humbling.  It’s also an exciting pinnacle of my career I imagine won’t be repeated.  But, my first reaction probably isn’t what you’d imagine.  I cried.

It was fresh off the heels of learning my co-anchor/friend Loren Nancarrow had brain cancer.  I acted excited about the billboard at work, but when I told my husband, I burst into tears.  I wondered, is this writing on the wall?  Does this mean Loren isn’t coming back? This isn’t how I wanted it.  I wanted us to be up there together.

I’ve never been much of a solo act.  Just read Loren’s blog about my singing.  I love to be part of a team.  That being said, it’s a big honor for me to be tapped to play quarterback.

The next time you run into one of my monster billboards on the street or at a bus stop think of all the people propping me up.  My team. Without them, I’d be sacked.  How’s that for a response?

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”  – Halford E. Luccock

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