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Samsung A32 5G

Samsung has unveiled its first 5G smartphone that’s under $300. It’s called the Samsung A32 5G.

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While it’s not as high-end as the company’s flagship S21 series, the A32 packs a lot of the features that casual users need, including 4K video, expandable memory, a 6.5-inch screen and a 5,000 mAh battery.

Source: Samsung

The phone also has a “fun mode,” with special augmented reality Snapchat filters built into the camera app.

The Samsung A32 sells for $280, making it one of the most affordable – and capable – 5G phones in the U.S. It’s available now.

Apple Find My

Apple is making it easier to locate all of your devices, not just the iPhone. The company is opening up it’s “Find My” app to third party products.

This means you’ll be able to see the location of a variety of gadgets on a map.

Source: Apple

Initial partners include Belkin, who built the tracking tech into their SoundForm earbuds, Chipolo, which makes Tile-like tags you attach to things and VanMoof, who is also building the tracking tech into their electric bikes.

Apple’s Find My network has the potential to be quite useful for finding lost gadgets since it is crowdsourced. It harnesses the power of any nearby Apple product – not just yours – to locate lost items.

Aukey Aircore 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Clear the cable clutter on your desk with a 3 in 1 wireless charging station at an incredible price. The brand new Aukey Aircore 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station can charge a phone, earbuds and an Apple Watch all at once. It sells for just $30.

The Qi charger will also work with Samsung phones.

How’s it so inexpensive? You have to supply your own Apple Watch charging cable and a power plug. You probably have at least one of these at home. For the power plug, be sure to get a 20-watt USB-C charger so you can charge at the fastest speeds.

Aukey is well known for its affordable charging technology. I’ve tested the gadget and it works as advertised. Just keep in mind, if you have an iPhone 12 you won’t get the fastest possible wireless charging speeds with this gadget, you can only get that with a MagSafe branded accessory.