Smart home company changes its name, introduces new products

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For years, C by GE was known as a value leader in the smart home space. Now, they’re changing their name to CYNC and introducing a new app, and new products, to go along with it.

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CYNC’s products don’t require a hub and they’re super easy to set up, unlike some smart home products in the past.

“This stuff wasn’t necessarily easy to install it took time, it was complex, you would run into problems and you wouldn’t know how to get them solved,” explained Paul Williams, a manager with CYNC who spoke to me from his office via Zoom.

CYNC products are sold in places including Walmart and Lowe’s.

“We’ve made sure to develop these quality products that also deliver some innovation along with them for the consumer,” said Williams.

The new name coincides with a new app and new products that use WiFi and Bluetooth to stay connected.

The item most people will start with is a $20 color changing Direct Connect Smart Bulb.

“It adds some fun and dynamics to the space that you’re in,” said Williams.

You can pair it with a $25 motion sensor to have light come on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave it.

Next up, a $25 wire free switch you can install anywhere in seconds.

“The reality is most of us grew up touching a light switch on the wall, it’s what you do, you walk into a space.. You look for the light switch on the wall,” said Williams.

CYNC wire free dimmer switch sticks to the wall using 3M Command Strips. You can program it to control smart lights with no electrician necessary. It’s good for rentals and dorms and other places where you might not be able to mess with wiring or fixtures.

“These come right off the wall and I can take them with me along with my smart bulbs … my smart home comes with me as I move to the next space,” said Williams.

When it comes to smart indoor cameras, Cync’s $70 offering has a few unique features. For starters, it has a privacy shutter you can slide closed. When it’s closed, it physically can’t see anything happening in the room.

“It’s physically covers the lens of the camera and it has shut off the speaker and microphone of the cameras,” explained Williams.

As for outside, a smart plug is life changing. Cync’s latest is $30, weatherproof and can control two outlets independently. This is handy for patio lights, holiday decorations and more.

Cync’s new products will work with all existing C by GE products. You can control them through the new CYNC app, Google Assistant and Alexa. Support for Apple’s HomeKit is coming later this year.

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