Local tech company develops social distance tracking system

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SAN DIEGO – As businesses look to reopen in California, one tech company with San Diego roots aims to make sure they do it safely.

“It’s a very simple process,” said FastSensor Executive Vice President Kalon Welch. “We put a couple of sensors in the building and they are immediately up and running.”

The tech company aims to keep customers six feet apart in businesses by using Active Distance Alert and Monitoring (ADAM).

“They have a dashboard and they say look, in the last hour I’ve had 14 alerts in the deli area, or by the checkout,” Welch said of the data store owners can pull up to see where customers are located in the store. He says the sensors can detect radio frequencies given off by cell phones. The system can map in real time where customers are at and if too many are together for too long at the same spot.

“At that point, it’s a dangerous area,” he said. “They can address the issue reworking the layout of their store, one-way aisles, line markers.”

Welch said the company is in talks with at least two local businesses, including a major tourist attraction. However, some San Diegans have concerns over privacy.

“Something in or around that ballpark sounds like a good idea,” said one San Diego resident who heard about the new technology, though he had some concerns. “You just have to be really delicate so it doesn’t sound like 1984.”

“I get it, it’s not a bad idea, but it makes me feel uncomfortable,” another resident said.

Welch addressed the issue of privacy on a video conference call with FOX 5 Monday.

“We don’t know who any of the people are,” Welch said. “It’s completely anonymous, and private.”

The company says each set of sensors cost $107 in monthly fees, plus a few hundred dollars for installation. Additionally, they will be donating 10% of the revenue from ADAM to San Diego Healthcare workers, doctors and nurses with promo code Sunny San Diego.

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