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There’s a relatively new grocery store in Las Vegas called Omega Mart and it’s not your typical market. It’s an elaborate art tech installation located just off the Strip at an even bigger high-tech playground called Area 15.

I went to Omega Mart not knowing what to expect. I knew it was art and full of techy surprises, but the actual place just wowed me. Basically, the premise is that it’s a grocery store but you quickly discover hidden passageways to a world where you can spend hours exploring.

Area 15

Lights, sounds, exhibits, computers, robots and more make for a unique sensory experience on the surface. But dig further and you can follow an intricate storyline that involves the grocery store and what seems to be an evil parent organization doing bad things.

“I hope people leave feeling inspired and wanting to build new worlds and environments of their own,” said Meow Wolf art director Spencer Olsen, who supervised the project.

Tickets for Omega Mart are $50, there are some discounts available for military and locals. The place gets packed, so if you want to avoid the biggest crowds, go early in the day.