Taxis and rideshare vehicles attacked by BB guns downtown

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SAN DIEGO — If you stand in the rideshare or taxi lot near the airport, you won’t have to walk far to find someone with a broken windshield.

“In one moment, it just went ‘boom!’” taxi driver Velery Ogiemko said.

According to Ogiemko, someone’s firing BBs at cars near the San Diego Convention Center. A handful of drivers have been hit by the BBs over the past couple months.

“My windshield went ‘bam!’” another driver said. “It’s the second experience I’ve had in a week.”

San Diego Harbor police confirm at least five incidents have been reported since late June. An Uber driver who was struck late Tuesday night even managed to get dash-cam footage of the pellets flying toward his windshield.

Police are hopeful security cameras at the Convention Center may have picked up the suspects. Authorities have asked anyone with information to reach out to help.

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