Tarr, Inc.’s owner responds to Dr. Oz’s confrontation

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After Dr. Oz’s confrontation, Tarr, Inc.’s owner Nathan Martinez sent the following statement to Fox 5:

“We’ve always liked Dr. Oz, but he definitely made a very bad impression when he showed up unannounced at the offices a few weeks ago.  We would have been happy to sit down and talk with Dr. Oz in a civilized and professional way.   But he showed up at our offices without warning, then walked through our offices with a camera crew, and tried to create some good entertainment and good ratings. It’s hard to have effective communication when someone is thrusting a camera in your face and also later edits out what they don’t like.  After he came to our offices, we also offered to meet with him and be interviewed on the air, but his show’s producers ignored our request.

“Dr. Oz definitely has the right to be upset about companies that use his image and likeness to suggest that he endorses their products.  We understand that, but we didn’t do that.  On our website, we did link to a public video clip where Dr. Oz talks about Garcinia Cambogia extract.  We thought it was helpful for people to hear what Dr. Oz thinks about the ingredients in our product.  But we made very clear on the website that Dr. Oz was not endorsing our product or affiliated with our company.  That said, we are sorry that he was upset.  And, before he came to office, we’d already removed the public video clip from our website.

“Dr. Oz’s producers said they wanted to make an example out of us.  There are definitely a lot of sketchy supplement companies out there. We are not.  It is funny that Dr. Oz said he “tracked us down.”  He didn’t need to.  We’re right here in San Diego.  We’re transparent.  It would be like saying you tracked down the Mission Beach Roller Coaster.  We’re also not offshore.  We’re easy to find.  He could have just called us.  We are a responsible company with over 130 great and dedicated employees.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to share our side of things.

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