Youth football coach says video shows he wasn’t involved in fan brawl

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. —  A youth football coach who was suspended after a brawl broke out at a game in Chula Vista told FOX 5 his suspension is being lifted and and he will be allowed to coach on Saturday during a qualifying game in Phoenix.

Coach Marcel Hawkins was accused of jumping into the stands and participating in a brawl between parents from his Otay Ranch Broncos team and another squad back in September. The melee was captured on video that was shared by hundreds of people on social media.

Initially, the team, made up primarily of 14-year-olds, was told it couldn’t play any more games. Later, the team was allowed to continue its season but in a league in Orange County.

Recently, another video of the same fight surfaced and it was used as the basis to suspend Coach Hawkins, who denied he took part in the brawl. He said the league mistakenly confused him for another man wearing the same color clothing and insisted the video actually shows him standing on the field below the stands where the fight took place.

After news reports on FOX 5 and other media outlets,  Hawkins said he was told Thursday morning he could coach the rest of the season if he agreed to sit out two games next season.

He said he agreed to this in an effort to “move on and that he was already planning on taking a break from coaching.”

Efforts by FOX 5 to reach league officials have not been successful.

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