Aerial tram proposed from downtown to Balboa Park

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts is revisiting his idea to build an aerial tram linking Balboa Park to downtown San Diego and plans to propose it Tuesday.

Roberts first brought up the idea for an aerial gondola in 2006 that would connect downtown San Diego to Balboa Park, coming up 6th Avenue to a drop off station near Laurel Street.

Proposed Aerial Tram - San Diego“When I first proposed it, everyone thought I was crazy,” said Roberts, who is in his last term. “We want it to be an effective transportation system.”

His proposal would address transportation concerns around the city. He said it would transport as many as a thousand people every hour.

The County Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday to consider paying $75,000 for a study to find out whether it can actually be done and if it is worth the potential cost.

“We’re looking at the engineering issues, what the alignment might look like and the cost,” said Roberts.

Roberts said he has plenty of support to move forward with his proposal, which he wants to make his priority over the next 4 years.

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