Superintendent leaves district after controversial teacher dismissals

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LEMON GROVE, Calif. — The Superintendent of the Lemon Grove School District is relocating to a district in Northern California, it was announced Friday.

Parents of students in the district had called for Dr. Kimberly Berman’s resignation after they claimed 16 teachers were forced to resign or be fired.

The 16 teachers were still in the first two years of their jobs and on probationary status. The district can let teachers go without cause while on probation, and thatโ€™s what they did.

The school board offered Berman a 4-year contact extension, which she declined, according to the Lemon Grove School District Governing Board. Berman accepted an offer as the Superintendent of the Mill Valley School District, north of San Francisco.

“Seeing her go is good, but it doesn’t end here,” said Liana Lebaron, a parent who called for Berman’s resignation. “We want to have a say in who is going to replace her.”

Lebaron said the school district did not give her an explanation as to why the teachers were asked to resign. “My daughter’s third grade teacher was one of those fired, or, forced to resign,” Lebaron said. “He was an amazing teacher. He went above and beyond to serve the students, to serve the community atlarge.”

Lebaron said she and other parents plan to speak at an upcoming school board meeting. Dr. Berman will remain as superintendent through the end of June.

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