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SAN DIEGO – A suitcase left outside a hotel near a row of trash bins Wednesday in downtown San Diego contained the body of a “young” woman, according to investigators.

San Diego police closed 7th Avenue between Ash and A streets due to an investigation in the area. Officers were focused on a dark suitcase on the ground near a row of full trash bins in the back of the Chadwick Hotel.

A man who lives in the neighborhood was walking on the sidewalk Wednesday morning when he spotted the black suitcase.  He took a closer look, determined it was suspicious and contacted police.

When police arrived, they discovered a “young” woman’s body inside the luggage.

“When I started talking to [police] I looked over at the suitcase and saw hair hanging out and I was like ‘Is that a dead body over there?’ [The officer] said, ‘I think so,'” said Rin Mitchell, who lives in a nearby apartment.

Homicide detectives were seen collecting evidence around 4 p.m. and the abandoned suitcase remained in the place it was found.  Details including a possible age or identity of the victim were not released.

“There’s a lot of windows that look down into the parking lot where the suitcase was located. Detectives will be combing those apartments to see what we find,” said Lt. Ray Valentin.

It was not disclosed if police are actively searching for a suspect or how long the street would be closed to traffic.